Thursday, May 31, 2012

April Birchbox...fashionably late

I actually lost misplaced my April box, but found it this week while looking for something else.  It totally figures, and I never did find what I was searching for either.  I will be the first to admit that I am lacking in the organizational skill department, and seldom put things where they belong.  Unfortunately, this is a very frustrating flaw, but finding things that I lost can also be quite exciting because I get to enjoy it for the first second..or third (or more) time all over again...

MicrodermaMitt body mitt works harder than your usual washcloth to get rid of dead skin and dirt. You'll have smoother, healthier skin. Plus, it helps prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs.  The mitt is made of all-natural floss silk.  MicrodermaMitt’s exfoliating body mitt removes all forms of pore-clogging gunk, from product residue to expired skin cells. Plus, its buffing action encourages collagen production, leading to healthier skin over time.  I love exfoliating, and this has become my new bff!!

This was an item that went out in a lot of Teen Vogue boxes, so I was pretty excited to find it in my April box since I missed out on the Teen Vogue box a few months ago.  Tarte lip surgence lip tint goes on semi-sheer..the color is Peaceful, which is a beige toned neutral tint.  You can layer on several coats for buildable color.  It is very smooth - almost like a moisturizer.  I'm not too crazy about this color, but I really like the concept.  No sharpener is needed.  When the tip runs low all you have to do is twist the bottom and it sharpens itself.

Yu-Be moisturizing skin cream is in the tube with the orange top. According to BBox it is popular in Japan, and something that mountain climbers use to protect their skin while scaling mountains.  It smells horrible, but it is a fab moisturizer.  You can use it from head to toe...even on your lips. I like to put it on my dry, thirsty cuticles, and it works very well.

The clear tube contains Maurla oil....Omega rich pure Maurla oil has magic anti-aging powers.  Over the long term, it will firm skin and boost elasticity. Marula oil also has a host of natural healing properties, from soothing redness to fading scars. It reduces the look of existing wrinkles, from pesky crow’s feet to the parentheses marks around your lips.  It has a very nice scent, and can be used alone, or on top of a lotion.

Wonderstruck is Taylor Swift's perfume. I ordered a sample back in December when I bought it for my niece for Christmas.  It has a very subtle floral scent.  I happen to really like it.

I was pretty pleased with this simple little box.  My favorite item in it is, of course, the Microderma Mitt.  Love it!!  I hope you all are still enjoying your boxes!

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Stay tuned for my May box..this is starting to feel a little like a Birchbox marathon..



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  1. Looks like a lovely box! I've been wanting to try the tarte lip tints :)