Friday, February 17, 2012

High Five for Friday

Welcome to High Five for Friday!!  The H54F posts are my absolute fave, and I look forward to posting each week!  We should all take a moment to recall the weeks blessings.  I hope by reading my Friday blog that you will sit back and reflect on things that you enjoyed this week. Just a reminder that you always have something to be thankful for.

 Sadly, I had to say goodbye to my little flip, half-smart phone. The hinge broke on the flip part, so when I tried to text.. it would close, and when I tried to talk.. it tried to open. It eventually became a fiasco each and every time I needed to use it. I went through a lot with that little phone.  It even went on my honeymoon with me.  Sometimes, we become attached to the strangest things.  Luckily, a few months before I was eligible to upgrade I began saving for the new iPhone....  I have a jar that I put money in anytime I need to save for something special.  I splurged and got the iPhone 4S.  The one with Siri.  Siri and I have already shared many laughs together.  Although..she doesn't really laugh, she does have a sense of humor.  When I first got the phone my husband was totally jealous when I would talk to Siri.  He took the phone from me and said "I don't like you!"  Siri responded "I will remember that!"  Whaaat??  I told him that he better apologize to her.  He did, to which she replied "It's all good."  I couldn't have my new friend upset with me.. beginning on day one.  I have all of these iPhone cases that I found..two on Etsy, and two on eBay. I'm having a hard time deciding which one I like best.  I love the leopard...I love anything leopard.  I think the striped case will be super cute this summer..I love the imperfection on one of the stripes..that is so me.  Currently, I am using the Burberry-ish case.  Apparently, you can wrap a hard iPhone case with decorative tissue paper, paint it with a few coats of lacquer and make your own unique iPhone case.  That may be a project to add to my list.  Which do you like best?

I recently purchased the black Toms.  I love to wear black; it is slimming, after all...clothes..I mean.  I have to say as cute as these are they are not my favorite Toms.  They show fuzz balls, and pet hair..and pretty much everything that you would rather they didn't show. I got these from an eBay store..they were never worn, new in the box, and $20.00 cheaper than retail price.

My little Westie babies spent Valentine's day at the salon this week..They were groomed, and bathed. Brodie was so clean and comfortable that he decided to have a little nap on my pillow when he got home from the doggie spa.  How sweet is this??!! bff this week!!  Along with a box of Kleenex. *sniff* *sniff* You are supposed to take Cold-Eeze at the very first sign of a cold. It has a unique formula that releases zinc ions into your upper respiratory system, inhibiting the cold virus' ability to reproduce. It is clinically proven to shorten the duration of the common cold by nearly half. The next time you feel a cold coming on, go to the drugstore and buy a box. A box of 18 lozenges will run you around $5.00 (ish.) Totally worth it!

 I found this recipe on Pinterest, and decided to make it for Valentine's day. I knew it would be simple and delicious. My 12 year old son even told me he wanted to help me make it. Once I started to make my grocery list to buy the ingredients..I decided I would try to change it up a bit. You can find the pin here. Don't you agree that my dessert looks way better than the pin? We loved it so much, that it would be totally unfair if I didn't share the recipe with all of you. It is a very light dessert...not on the calories, but it's not a super heavy dessert. After a little slice of this delicious goodness you won't leave the kitchen table feeling guilty. I am currently working on a blog that will show how I made it. I hope to have it posted before the three day weekend is over. Stay tuned!!

Thanks again for stopping by to read H54F!  I look forward to reading your comments, so please feel free to leave one. I have several blogs in the works.  Some new products, and several recipes.  I am making a Mardi Gras themed dinner this week and plan to blog about that as well.  Stay tuned...the best is yet to come.

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!


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  1. Congrats on the iPhone!!! You will very soon be falling in LOVE with it like the rest of the world--it truly is the best!!! :) As for your cute cases, I love the striped one the very best. Have fun exploring the new phone!! :)

  2. Good Morning! It is damp and rainy here so what an uplift to read your blog! love, sonnie

  3. Replies
    1. Yay, you finally figured it out!! :) Miss you guys..and hope the weather clears up so you can enjoy NOLA. xoxo