Friday, February 3, 2012

High Five for Friday

This has been a pretty amazing week for me..filled with many blessings. It was hard to pick only five things to share with you. So, this blog may turn out to be a Friday Eight..ish.  On a personal level I am grateful that someone I love is home, and healing nicely after spending five days in the hospital following surgery.  We also received news that a couple, very dear to us, will have their first child this year. Something that was not easy to come by for them, which makes it that much more special.  Trey and I finally went to Publix yesterday...for..of all things.. a loaf of bread (white mountain bread in the bakery is fab-u-lous) Lawd, it was like a maze having to weave in and out of all the people, and we only went from the produce/deli section straight to the checkout.  Nonetheless, we made it out alive, and I am thrilled that it has finally opened.  On a more somber note; a few other people close to me have not had such a good week, and remain in my thoughts and prayers. 

The much anticipated Toms ballet shoes came out Wednesday. They are as adorable as can be, but a little pricey. I expected that since their regular shoes range in the fifties, but  $74.00 -$84.00 is more than I care to spend for now.  Maybe later..for sure!  The reviews on them say to get 1/2 size smaller than normal because they run big.  I personally would like to try a pair on before I buy them. There are a few styles I like the best..the brown leopard (shown here), black leather, katia chambray, and allesandra burlap.  What do you like best?

My husband borrowed the first 3 seasons of Sons of Anarchy from our neighbor.  He has been trying to get me to watch it, but the way they described it was unappealing to me.  One night I caught part of an episode, and it drew me in.  Now I am hooked.  I will admit I was drawn in by the most handsome guy I've ever seen on tv...Charlie Hunnman who plays Jax Teller..He is a super hunk!! I remember peeking over my laptop, and saying "who is that?"  I then put the computer away and eventually convinced my sweet husband to start over from the beginning so I could catch up.  If you don't know who Charlie Hunnam is, then google him.. He reminds me of a beefed up version of Heath Ledger, but with a more macho, bad boy, sexier edge.  I found myself daydreaming about him yesterday...this could be a dangerous crush!  I had to break up with Eric from True Blood.  Looove this show!!  It is about a motorcycle club in a small Northern California town named Charming.  It has a great story line, and you easily become attached to the cast. We finished season 2 last night, and have date night plans to begin season 3 tonight.

This is my polish of the week.  The color is Sable, by Mary Kay.  It was a gift from my friend, and Mary Kay consultant.   It is a smallish bottle, and is fairly thin in my opinion, but the color is beautiful once you have a few coats and it dries. The color stayed on, and did not chip or dull. It is a really nice brownish color. 

My earrings of the week are these adorable sterling silver braided knots that I got at Tiffany's.  My husband gets a Tiffany's catalog in the mail and I always flip through it and circle what I like. Just in case he ever feels the urge to buy me something nice.  :)  I have to say that because I know he reads my blog.  I circled these beautiful earrings, drew arrows pointing to them, as well as smiley faces and stars all over the page.  I left the catalog open to the page in plain sight so he would notice. The catalog stayed in the same place, untouched, for months. Which guessed it..he didn't even notice!  While I was in NYC I picked these up at Tiffany's on 5th Avenue.  I put that little blue box, that we all love, in my stocking.  Gotta love Santa!

This is a gloss that I got with a promo code from buying something at Sephora.  Yep, I got it for free!  It is a great gloss.  I've been carrying it in my pocket all week.  It is a plump gloss, so it has that cold, tingly feeling.  I haven't noticed that it makes my lips fuller, but I have noticed that it stays on for a lonnng time  It is Buxom gloss made by Bare Escentuals, and the color is Katie.  By the way..anytime you buy from Sephora you always get to pick out three free samples of products at checkout.  If I don't see something I want for myself, then I pick the products based on what would go well in my guest bathroom box.  Once they have your email address they will send you weekly emails that always contain promo codes for free things.  I doubt this code still works, but for this gloss I used liplove. Free gloss with a $25.00 purchase.  My new fave!

Thanks for stopping by for my Friday Five! I hope you all take a moment to remember 5..or more things that made you smile this week.  Enjoy the beautiful weekend ahead.


  1. I couldn't wait to get to work this morning so I could sit down and read the "Friday Five"! I am glad you love SOA...and Jax! He is one hot hunk of a man!

  2. I'm sitting here thinking how much I love your blog and thankful you are my DIL!! The new Tom's are a bit pricey but we do love our ballet shoes!!!! For sure Jax is a "beaut"!!!! Never thought about him looking like Heath but he surely does. Love, Sonnie