Thursday, October 24, 2013

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble - guest post by Nicole

I was so excited when Carrie asked me to do a guest post and share this delicious little recipe that has become one of my new favorite things to make this Halloween season.  I love this stuff so much that I just made my 3rd batch.  It seriously takes all of 10 minutes to make!!!

Halloween Snack Mix


Corn Chex
Pretzel sticks
White popcorn
12 oz bag of white chocolate chips
Halloween sprinkles
Candy of your choice

I went with Reese Pieces, but I also love candy corn M&M's, which are white chocolate M&M's and they are ahhhh-mazing!  Oreo pieces, candy corn, peanut butter M&M's and, honestly, just about any other kind of candy would be great.


- Line a cookie sheet with aluminium foil for easy clean up.

- Pop your popcorn then cover the cookie sheet with a thin layer of pretzel sticks, Chex and popcorn.

- Put your white chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl, set a couple to the side and place the bowl in the microwave for a minute.  After one minute, stir chips.  I would then cook them in 30 second intervals until they are nice and melted.

While you are waiting for them to melt, treat yourself to those chips you set aside and maybe even a few pieces of candy.  I had this super cute little guy helping me, so I thought he deserved a treat too...a few Chex.

- Drizzle about 3/4 of the white chocolate over the popcorn, Chex and pretzels.

- While the chocolate is still hot sprinkle 1/2 to 3/4 of your candy on top and as many sprinkles as you'd like.

- Start filling in any holes with more Chex, pretzels and popcorn.  Drizzle the rest of your white chocolate on top, then the rest of your candy and more sprinkles.

- Set aside so the chocolate can harden...then dig in!!

See, wasn't that easy!?!  One of the super cool things about this snack mix is that you can change it up and make it your own version for every holiday..i.e. melt peppermint flavored candy chips or bark and sprinkle your choice of candy with Christmas sprinkles on top, or make it into Bunny food for Easter.  I like to keep it handy for a snack here and there (I'm actually eating some now!!) so I have had a jar of it on my kitchen counter pretty much all it looks pretty and festive.

I hope you enjoy this super easy, and not to mention, addicting and delicious treat!

Happy Halloween,


  1. sounds and looks delicious! I hope one day I will get to meet you!! I know carrie loves u to death!!!!! sonya kennedy

  2. Thank you, Sonya!! I hope we get to meet one day, as well :) I've heard so many wonderful things about you!!