Friday, April 12, 2013

High Five for Friday

Oh, hey there Friday...I've been waiting on you...

Spring has arrived...which is great, I love Spring.  Everything is green, there is a pop of color everywhere you turn, the birds are playing and singing, the dogs are extra playful, everyone is happy to be outdoors doing things they love...the gorgeous flowers are staring at me saying "plant me, plant me.." 

The one thing I can say that I do not like about Spring (besides snakes) is that I have to put my boots away.  Like, I could cry.  I hope I don't hurt their feelings, but they have to go in the closet until the Fall.  I'm a little sad about it...I probably wore them longer than I should have, but I just love them so much.  I hope they can forgive me.

Out with the boots. In with the Toms.
I can handle that.

Trey tried to teach me how to skateboard.  During this lesson I discovered that Trey does not know how to skateboard.  This could have ended badly.  Well, it did.  For Trey.  Not too badly, just minor scrapes and minimal blood loss.  The next day, while at the store, I noticed a set of knee and elbow pads in my shopping cart.  The kid has determination...I'll give him that.  I, on the other hand, do least when it comes to skateboarding.

Have I mentioned that I have lost 47 pounds in the last 9 months?  Yeah...forty seven..that's right.  I'm kickin this fat to the curb, big time.  Meanwhile, I am finding that last seasons clothes are a few sizes too big.  Which is amazing..I mean who doesn't love losing weight that was the equivalence of a small child?  My clothes are sad.  They're cute, and now they won't get to be worn by me again (ever), and soon they will be leaving my closet to go live with strangers. I think I'm most sad about my Gap jean jacket, which is basically my staple in the Spring/Fall..and now it hangs on me.  I see more shopping in my future...a good jean jacket is a must have.  While out and about trying to update my Spring wardrobe I found this super fantastic shirt dress at Target.  I have the blue and cream striped one, and loved it so when I found this solid color navy dress I had to get it.  

I blogged about this self tanner last season.  I'm blogging about it again.  It's the best I have found, and I'm using it for the third year in a row.  I went to church Sunday with bare's always nerve racking that first time of the season when you bare your pastey white legs...  as we were walking into church..Trey (oh so kindly) told me that my legs were too white.  Thanks, know how to make a girl feel really swell.  So, the next morning I was spraying away.  The next day, he says "wow, you're tan!" That's more like it.  I swear by it!  You can find it at any drug store for $8.00

Marcie and I had so much fun during her visit.  We did a little bar hopping Friday night...which I have not done in about 8 years..  I highly recommend not mixing vodka, rum and whiskey.  Just a suggestion. We laughed so much, mainly about the dumbest things...mainly about the genius (or not so genius) ideas we come up with.  

I met Marcie, her Mom and my Mother-in-Law at the marketplace the following day.  I was on a mission to find "gates" for my fruit and vegetable garden.  I found this old metal foot board, and absolutely fell in love with it.  It had a hefty price tag on it, so I didn't exactly leave the store with it.  But I know where it lives, and I haven't forgotten about it.  Don't you think it would be cute?!  I have a vision of several mis-matched random gate-ish type things to put around the perimeter of my garden.  I know that sounds random, but that's how I like stuff.  I like different. 

While I was out and about this week I made a pit stop by Starbucks to get my favorite Passion tea lemonade...they were out of lemonade.  What?! So, the guy suggested I try the Passion tea with orange mango (and sweetener) I'm glad he did.  New fave!  I dropped by the Starbucks closer to my house the next day and ordered it, and they had never heard of that combo before.  It's the stuff!

So, I know I mentioned last week that I was going to begin reading Matched.  I did start reading it, and seriously after reading about 10 pages every evening I literally zonk out.  It started out to be the most boring book I've ever read.  Normally, I would shelf it and move on, but Marcie, aka book club President, assured me that it would get better.   It took me a week just to get to chapter 13..and I was sawing some major logs...Finally last night I managed to stay awake while reading, and almost finished it.  It's not so bad, but it's s.l.o.w..

I was super busy this week, so one day I ended up grabbing a bite to eat on the run.  Normally, I try to stay away from fast food (hence the loss of 47 lbs) but sometimes it's just too convenient, especially when I'm starving and my next meal is light years away. So I at least try to make healthy choices.  My go-to drive through meal is Chick fi la's grilled nuggets (6 count) and (medium) fruit bowl.  It is filling, deelicious, and only 180 calories.  I can't make this stuff up.  Now, if you add a dipping sauce then you're getting on up there in calories, but if you eat it just like I show it's only 1.8.0.  

Alright, so I did what some of you suggested and I put a little more of the Pillow Soft curl cream in my hair than I did the first time. It actually looked decent.  I think it was an accident that it turned out this way.  I mean, I know there is no way I could ever get my hair to do this again, but for one day my naturally dried curls turned out cute enough that I was sorta diggin it.

Since getting rid of all processed dog treats in our house we have settled on apples.  I have tried just about everything under the sun I can think of, or that I have read about that is safe for them, and the only thing they really want is apples.  I can live with that.  They l.o.v.e them!

This dog..I swear.  He gets so emotional sometimes.  I was snuggling with my other two dogs one day, and he sat beside me and stared at me like this the entire time. He must have gone to sad puppy dog eye school to learn how to work it.  What a weirdo. 
(he is pretty much pitiful, and cute)

While at the farm over the weekend I snapped this picture of my cousin's dog, Lucy.  She sat by the fence watching Trey ride in the field.

She also loved sitting in my lap...

Tomorrow is race day...It will be my first race without one of my partners in crime by my side...I'm a little nervous about doing it solo...Like trying not to think about it nervous...yikes!!  Catharina is injured and unable to run..I tried to convince her to power walk beside me.  I guess one of the perks of being a slow runner is that if you walk fast enough you can keep up with me.  haha!

Thanks for stopping by to read about my week.

Hope your weekend is filled with super, amazing randomness!!



  1. I love you and I am sorry I can't be there!

    1. Oh, Britanicals, you know you are forgiven, just don't make a habit out of it!! ;-) Seriously, I know you'd be my sidekick if you could... xo

  2. Good tip on the self tanner! I may try this one out - tan wipes and I area not getting along great! :) Stopping over from H54F!