Saturday, February 9, 2013

What color is your cape?

Hey there. You know how I mentioned in weeks past how the weeks went by at a turtles pace?  I blinked and this week was over.  Work was busy, then I had meetings, dentist appointments. Then my dog got sick.  Everything pretty much stopped at my dog getting sick.  I couldn't sleep at night waking up every few hours to make sure he was still alive.  I had a nightmare that I got bit by a snake.  If you missed this post from a few months will explain a lot.  So, I woke up screaming and trying to get this ugly, mean snake to get it's razor sharp teeth out of my arm.  There was no snake, clearly.  I hate snakes, clearly.  I took Winston to the vet.  Figured he had a bad case if indigestion or something.  The young doctor seemed very concerned.  I couldn't swallow from the lump in my throat.  They did an ultrasound, and found that his gallbladder is three times the normal size.  By now I am sitting down, and trying to mask the fact that I can barely breathe, and still cannot swallow. They drew blood, and sent it off overnight.  I barely slept.  Of course the good doctor calls the next morning while I am in a meeting.  I knew he would.  I waited until my meeting was over to call him back.  Sweet young guy, nice looking, even gave me his home number to call if I needed him throughout the night.  The good doctor.  Long story short, Winston will live.  I really don't know what is wrong with him.  He has an enlarged gallbladder.  Maybe he got it from his Mom, or his Dad, but he's got it. Poor Winston. He now has to be on a prescription diet, and should not have bones or treats for a while.  I asked the good doctor what kind of healthy treats I could give him.   Winston is smart and he knows that if I say a word, just one word, he knows he is getting a treat.  I can't disappoint him, and not give him a treat.  I spent 30 minutes in the produce section trying to pick the best looking organic fruits and veggies to try out as our new treats.  I should have been home packing for my trip, which was in less than 12 hours, but nope.  I was picking produce.  Turns out Winston likes apples, but only if they are peeled, and chilled.  He will not eat them at room temperature.  Can we say spoiled.  So, guess what I did?  Peeled the apple, cut it into bite sized Winston pieces, and put them away in the crisper drawer.  Finally at 8:00 last night I got my suitcase from the attic and packed.  I am minorly...ok majorly concerned with leaving my dogs without adult supervision.  Yeah, my husband will be here, but Winston has to have certain foods, at certain times, and apples as treats. Kyle still has doubts as to where we keep the glasses...even the Tupperware sometimes.  He goes to the wrong cabinet often, and every time I look at him and say "lived here long?"  So, now I'm just supposed to pack up and leave my dog and his giant gallbladder at home with this guy? I am starting to feel this lump swell up in the back of my throat.  I'm all packed and ready, and the wheels are up in 3 hours, so I guess I better suck it up, hang up my big blue cape I've been wearing with the big fat A on the front of it.  You know...Anxiety girl...A for anxiety.  Yerp, that's me.  Jumping to the worst conclusions at all times. Wish me luck...I mean wish Winston luck...heck wish Kyle luck too.  Mama's leaving.


  1. good luck! Poor winston, we are pretty lucky our puppies will eat most any fruit so far we have tried apples pears bananas even some veggies but they aren't fans of pickles :) hope he feels better!

    1. Thanks, Dani! Winston survived thank goodness. Don't you know I was a nervous wreck! Turns out he loves the apples. I will have to try the pears and bananas as well. What veggies have you tried?

    2. carrots are ok, they love to shred celery (it just made a huge mess) cooked beans and peas are probably their favorites :) I'm glad winston survived