Friday, January 4, 2013

Snowflakes, Hats, and Sleepy Towns

While on my little, end of the year, mini vacation we wandered the streets of the Oregon District in downtown Dayton, Ohio.  It was a beautiful Winter evening..the snow was falling, the streets were quiet; with only an occasional car passing by.  A sleepy little town.  It was so lovely, you almost wanted to dance in the middle of the street and catch snowflakes with your tongue.  We never get spoiled by beautiful Winters in Middle Tennessee. Our Winters are actually quite drab.  It rarely snows, it could be freezing cold one day, mid 50's the next day, and possible tornadoes the next...not to mention that I find myself sneezing every single day no matter what the season.  

As we strolled the streets we noticed a little hat shop called Brim.  We wandered into Brim for some warmth, and then ended up modeling the hats.  I am not a hat person...I might occasionally look half way decent in one, and I own several...mainly I buy hats on impulse, and then never wear them again...ever.  Knowing my deep yearning to buy things on impulse I had to slap my hand a few times to put the hat down, and not buy matter how many times I was told I should totally get it because it looked great...I kept thinking ooohhh...this one would be super cute to wear while running the streets of New York City in the Winter...but I didn't get one...<hmmpfff>

This blue one may just be the BeSt hat ever...
I shall wear this hat while having my tea and crumpets!!
(said with my best British accent)

My NYC, wish you were mine, hat

Where would I wear this hat?
Perhaps while smoking a wooden tobacco a fireplace, reading a good Scotland..err while walking my little Westie's in the park?? 

Pinocchio/mobster/detective/spy hat??

I love travelling, and often times during my travels I catch myself wondering what it would be like to move away from my hometown...explore what the world has to offer, and settle down somewhere else.  I go back and forth with myself with the question of would I really like living here, or do I just really enjoy vacationing here?  It would be quite an interesting adventure to be able to pack up and move somewhere and start all over....someday...Meanwhile, I will count down the days until my next vacation...


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