Friday, June 29, 2012

Mother, Mother Ocean

So, it's Friday...I say with a heavy sigh.  I have enjoyed my vacation so much with my little family that I literally feel as if I should throw myself on the ground in a tantrum, kicking and screaming, that I refuse to leave this wonderous place.  I used to come to Myrtle Beach as a teenager with my friends family.  I have not been here in about 18 years..give or take.  I have been to many beaches, my parents began taking me when I was about 5 years old.  They don't all look the same, but the feeling you get by being there...or the same.  I can sit and stare at the ocean for hours on end, and never tire from it.  It truly is magnificent, and it effects all of your senses...sight, smell, taste, touch and sound.

Thankfully, this week went by slowly.  We spent five of the seven days of our vacation on the beach.  I found a book that belongs to the home owner of our condo that I thought would be a nice beach read.  It is called Lessons From the Beach Chair by Deb Austin Brown. Once I got settled into my beach chair I began to read this book.  One of the first few lessons really spoke to me...

So, this book really got me thinking about things our earth has to offer, that I never took the time to enjoy. Things that I took for granted.  I decided to do something I have never done before.  I was going to set my alarm to wake me up early the next morning, walk out on the beach, and watch the sun rise.

and...I did just that...

I watched, and I waited, and I splashed in the water as the tide rolled up onto the shore, slightly wetting the bottom of my pajama pants.  I watched people play with their dogs, couples holding hands, joggers, and people just like me...that were simply there to witness the sun rise.

I kept thinking to myself that I can't believe I have never done this before...why have I never gotten out of bed early enough to catch a little glimpse of heaven?

and then....there she was...oh my heavens...

 I will be honest with you...this made me was so beautiful...majestic, it literally took my breath away..  I gasped as I wiped the tears from my face...

For some reason I was singing Jimmy Buffet's song A Pirate Looks at Forty in my head..

Mother, mother ocean, I have heard you call...

This morning is a morning that I will never forget...I feel truly blessed to be living, be witness to one of the most beautiful things this earth has to offer.  This will certainly not be my last sun rise...I only wish it did not take me 35 years to watch my first.

I encourage all of you to pay attention and see what little glimpses of Heaven the earth has to offer you..All you have to do is listen..

Have a beautiful weekend!!



  1. So different from the days of coming HOME when the sun is rising beautifully over the beach.....can't even fathom the thought now!! Beautiful pictures!!

  2. We use to go to Myrtle Beach and stay on the Garden City side. I have never seen a sun rise over the ocean either but it will be on my "to do list' for our vacation in August. Enjoy the precious time you have left!

  3. Wow, my sweet daughter-in-law, you have inspired me to listen to the earth! You write so beautifully--maybe a book in the future???

  4. That quote at the beginning of your post is very similar to some of the things Anne Morrow Lindburgh discussed in "Gift from the Sea." If you never read it, you might want to check it out. It is lovely. I think that vacations by the water really are perfection; they allow us to slow down with the rhythm of the lapping water, like you did while watching that sunrise.