Friday, June 8, 2012


What a beautiful week we had, and it flew by!!!  Before we know it it will be July, and then before we know it we will be counting down Christmas and wrapping gifts to go under the tree, while watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story for the 1,596th time...EEEEEK!!!!  There, I said it.  the C word.  It'll seriously be here before we know it folks!

I really hope the remainder of June does not go by quite as fast as the first week.  Here's why...the rest of my June goes a little something like this...School next the next week...vacation the next week...then June is o.v.e.r!!!  So, you can see why I don't want it to go by too quickly...I want to enjoy my vaca with my favorite guys!!

This week I finally got my hair did.  I have been waiting for this day for about 3 weeks.  My hair girl, Lori, is so good that she stays crazy busy all the time.  I got my highlights touched up, my eye brows waxed, and I got some products.  I always get my products from Lori.  Number one they always have what I need, and if they don't have it they will get it for me.  Number 2 they are always a few dollars less than the hair product store in the mall, and others around town, and number 3 they are awesome!

Every summer I get Pravana Leave-in conditioner.  I say summer because I spray this in my hair after getting out of the beach, pool, or lake.  It is a detangler, it will protect your hair from chlorine, it protects your hair from sun damage, it makes your hair soooo soft, and it smells so good you'll want to eat it!  I'm dead serious!!  I want to go spray it now just so I can eat smell it. If you have never tried this before, it is a must for your summer hair regimen!!

I will admit that the spray thing on top is new to me.  For the life of me I could not figure out how to get it to work, and actually broke it off a few times.  It was hilarious...I think I've got it now.  It is a very awkward spray top..The ones I have had before had a normal spray pump..If I have to I may end up just pouring this into my old bottle..

While at the salon I also picked up a sample of Agadir oil.  I got the sample because the regular bottle costs about $36.00, and the sample is $3.00.  You use so little at a time that the sample will end up lasting 2-3 weeks.  I only need it to last me 7 days.  I use this oil on my hair while it is wet, and before I blow dry it.  It will not get frizzy!!!  So, when I know I am going to put my hair in a humid situation aka the beach...I buy a sample of Agadir oil.  My hair loves me for it, and the pictures always turn out way cute!!

I found a new app that allows me to put font on the pictures I have stored in my iPhone library.  It is so much cutesy fun, and I have been going crazy with it ya'll.  I've been putting font on all my pictures.  I think my husband thinks I have lost it..but I can't help it!


The app is called Phonto   
and it is FREE!!

I got an email at the beginning of the week telling me that my June Birchbox had shipped.  (yaaay)  I was way excited when I read what the email said..

We've given in to our wanderlust fantasies and put together a collection of samples for all your summer adventures. Whether you're road tripping or beach bumming, we'll help you travel in style. 

I can't wait to get it...It's like they know exactly what I need!!!  I am both road tripping, and beach bumming this month...whoop!!  I'm anxious to hear about your summer boxes too, so tell me what you get in your box!!

I have about 5 recipe blogs that I am planning to post over the next few weeks.  Last night I made a new recipe, and can't wait to blog it.  I should have invited ya'll over for dinner since there was enough food to feed a small village!!  I am totally serious too!!  I had one helping, Kyle and Trey both went back for seconds and was delicious, but we had sooo much left over.

Here's a sneak peek...

(I could totally be a spokesperson for Publix brand foods...heehe)

Well folks, that'll do it for this week's H54F...thank you all so much for coming back week after week and reading!!!  Have a wonderful weekend!!


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  1. See, this is why you are my "go-to gal" for everything! I've been looking for an app to put captions on my pics for I don't know how long! I am going to go download phonto here in just a second!!! :)
    P.S. I can't wait for my BB! I thought of you, as usual, as soon as I got my email! YaY!!!